The Best Memes & Funnies From the 2019/20 Premier League Season


Pep Guardiola
Pep lost his proverbial s–t and Anfield this season | Chloe Knott – Danehouse/Getty Images

Football is over for a little while at least. It’s been bumpy, action-packed, halted, brought back and bumpy all over again. But above all, it’s been funny. At times, hilarious, actually.

From the bizarre to the over exuberant, the downright woeful to the sublime, we’ve had a few giggles.

In a season that’s lasted longer than any we’ve seen before, it’s easy to forget that certain happenings actually occurred during the most recent campaign. Worry not though, we’ve got you covered with all the best memes and funnies we’ve been witness to throughout this memorable campaign.

Hate him or love him, you can’t deny that Mike Dean is an endless source of entertainment. It’s practically a weekly event.

From his over-acting to his odd facial expressions, he offers the lot.

The most recent example came on the final day of the season, when Arsenal were awarded a penalty by VAR that, it’s fair to say, Dean didn’t quite agree with.

Then there was him growing a lockdown beard. It really became the talk of the town.

You know you’ve done something bad, really bad, when you become a meme yourself. A laughing stock across social media to the point where ‘doing a Kepa’ is regularly uttered.

Countless errors and general rubbish-ness has led Kepa to come to this point, with the world taking note of just how bad of a goalkeeper he really is.

There was also the….face thing.

Good lord that was funny. It’s a meme in itself.

With an average age of 6, Liverpool fielded the youngest side ever in the Carabao Cup against Aston Villa this season.

Okay, it wasn’t that young, but it felt like it with the way the world reacted. Reason for it was down to simple fixture congestion, as Jurgen Klopp handed over the reins to his assistant while the first team jetted off to try and win a trophy, or something like that.

Liverpool got the 2019/20 season off to a flying start with no defeats in their opening 11 matches, but Manchester City came to Anfield looking to spoil the party. Only a third of the season had gone, yet it was sure to be a pivotal moment in the title race.

Was there drama? Damn right there was. Were there heated words exchanged? Of course. But the level of disdain was above and beyond what people expected, fronted by the incandescent Pep Guardiola, who went ballistic at referee Michael Oliver in explosive fashion after his side fell to a 3-1 defeat. The internet enjoyed that one a bit.

Would have included his two fingers hoisted into the air with some reference to their Champions League ban, but, y’know, that got overturned. Boo.

With Spurs taking on City in north London, there was always going to be fireworks – especially with Jose Mourinho in the dugout. Yet even for those of us who’ve known of him for a while, what he did during the game regarding a supposed Raheem Sterling yellow card was better than any of us could have hoped for.

Comedy. Gold.

It was meme city after that.

Even Allan Saint-Maximin got involved with reference to a certain…erm, excited supporter.

Love him, hate him, question him, fear him, whatever. Even if you really can’t stand the man, Roy Keane is the source of entertainment whenever he’s on punditry. Slagging someone off, calling out others’ opinions or simply offering a comical facial expression, he never disappoints.

He doesn’t, by all accounts, give a toss what you or anyone else thinks. When he has something to say, he’ll say it. David de Gea and Harry Maguire were some of the unfortunate ones this season.

Once again, a goalkeeper makes the list. This isn’t any kind of agenda, it’s just that there was another member of the union who was so diabolically bad he became the source of outstanding joy on a weekly basis. Except, obviously, if you’re a Hammer.

He dropped clanger after clanger after clanger before eventually losing his place.

It was hilarious.

Yes, sorry, another goalkeeper.

Oh wait, no it’s not. Ahhh, Steve Cook just wants to be a goalkeeper.

Tell you what, after his stunner against Norwich, he could very well become one.

From ecstasy to agony in the space of two exceedingly hilarious seconds, one ​Newcastle fan got more than he bargained for when he harmlessly went to St James’ Park to watch his side play.

Football is about getting the round thing in the rectangular thing, not kicking the corner flag.

Above all, it’s definitely not about kicking the flag towards someone’s nether regions. Well done Matt Ritchie, wrong balls.

A crazy game of football that finished 2-2 had one particularly special moment, when Gabriel Martinelli ran the length of the pitch to score and temporarily put Arsenal level against Chelsea.

But in the build up to the goal, the slip of N’Golo Kante and desperate attempt to get hold of the ball became the source of countless internet wizardry. It had to be done.

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